Food and Beverage Compressors from Belliss & Morcom

Food & Beverage

Gardner Denver understand the key drivers for the food and beverage industry, ranging from lowest cost of ownership through to low power consumption. With these drivers in mind we ensure we provide solutions which meet these needs.

Our high pressure reciprocating compressors can provide lubricated air or gas through our Reavell, GD Compressors, R Series and V Compact brands. Should your requirement be for oil free air then the Belliss & Morcom compression technology delivers the highest quality, oil free compressed air. Our R Series and V Compact compressors also offer oil free compression options. This means no possibility of oil contamination in your process, meeting all air quality standards including Pure Air - ISO 8573-1.

We can combine our compressors with the latest in energy efficient motors, variable speed drives, air and gas recovery systems and advanced control systems to provide just the right amount of air or gas when you need it.

Air Recovery

AirRecovery Diagram: Compressor Usage in Food and Beverage Operations

The Air Recovery System is designed to accommodate a returned pressure from the process that can be ‘recycled’ back through the compressor.

  • Reduction in compressor energy consumption
  • Easily installed to existing installation
  • Can be used to supplement low pressure air requirements

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Diagram: Compressor Usage in Food and Beverage Operations

Gardner Denver have developed a heat recovery system which works with the Belliss & Morcom compressors. It utilises the cooling water used to cool the compressor and the air during operation. Once the water has passed through the compressor it will be need cooling through a cooling tower built within the compressor system.

The cooling water can also be used to provide water at temperatures up to 800 ºC which allows the water to be used for heating systems.

Typical savings can be as much as 22-30% of the compressor motor rating kW.

For example a Belliss & Morcom WH40 compressor with a 400kW motor would provide energy reduction equivalent to 90kW.

Energy Audits

In order to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, Gardner Denver offer audits tailored to suit your specific needs by our team of dedicated experts. For further information please contact your local sales and service centre.

High Pressure Oil Free Solutions

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New Belliss & Morcom WH35 Oil Free Compressor

The WH35 is the latest in a line of innovative, high-pressure, oil free reciprocating compressors, specifically developed for the P.E.T. bottling industry. Offering food and beverage processors an oil-free air solution with a compact footprint, the WH35 also offers an unrivalled low cost of ownership.

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Oil Free Compressors for P.E.T. Bottle Blowing

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Case Study

Piston compressor for bottling not-from-concentrate juice.

During planning of a new site for the Gropper group of companies, the focus was on energy efficiency and sustainable productivity. This site is used exclusively for the manufacture and bottling of high-quality not-from-concentrate fruit juice. The 40-bar compressed air for the PET blow-moulding machines is generated by a highly efficient piston compressor from Gardner Denver, which is optimally integrated into the processes at the new plant in Stockach, Germany.