High Pressure Compressors for Marine Use
High Pressure Compressors for Marine end-use


Gardner Denver understand the high pressure needs for marine applications and are committed to ensuring we provide intelligent solutions that meet your ultimate needs.

The Gardner Denver high pressure reciprocating compressors can provide intelligent solutions that meet your ultimate needs. Our unique range of seawater, freshwater, air or water cooled high pressure systems meet or exceed many international approval standards (e.g. ISO 9001, Lloyds Register, Det Norske, Veritas, RINA and the American Bureau of Shipping).

We know what your key drivers are, ranging from the highest possible pressures and flow from the smallest available footprint. No installation or requirement is the same and so our skilled engineers are able to configure the compressors to meet your specific needs.

Seismic Survey

In the continuing search for oil, geologists and geophysicists use a technique called reflection seismology to map the subsurface structure of rock formations. While these seismic surveys do not directly detect the presence of oil, they do allow geologists and geophysicists to distinguish the presence of structural traps that could potentially contain hydrocarbon and help to improve our knowledge of the earth’s structure and content.

In marine survey, the seismic source is usually an air gun that uses bubbles of high pressure compressed air to generate seismic waves.

Compressed air at pressures up to 350 barg is fired in pulses from air guns at the area being surveyed. The air pulses then create shock waves that echo from the survey area. The echoes are picked up and analysed by sensitive electronic devices to provide data on the structure and content of the survey area.

Compressed air is the ideal medium for this application as it is a versatile and powerful energy source adaptable to all conditions and climatic variations; it is environmentally safe and does not damage marine life; it is clean, leaving no residual deposits after use; and is safe, inexhaustible and requires little storage capacity.