High Pressure Compressors for Offshore Oil Exploration and Production

Oil and Gas Solutions

The quality and engineering excellence built into each and every one of our high compression units is able to stand up to even the harshest and most hostile environments.

Right now, our systems are working on oil platforms miles from shore, in the remotest of locations, in the most extreme of temperatures found across the globe.

Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, commissions and services high pressure compressed air and gas systems for these specialist markets making Gardner Denver, through it’s high pressure compressor brands, synonymous with the highest standards of quality and long-term support capabilities.

Our unique range of seawater, freshwater, air or water cooled high pressure systems meet or exceed many international approval standards (e.g. ISO 9001, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, RINA and The American Bureau of Shipping).

Our research, development and engineering expertise give us an unrivalled flexibility in being able to configure specific high compression systems, tailor-made to your exact requirements.

Coiled Tube Drilling

Coiled tube drilling is an application used for revitalising oil wells. A tube is placed down to the bottom of the well, sometimes over 1KM down, along with “soaps”. The mixture of soaps and high pressure air or nitrogen fluidises the well bed.

Debris, sand and sediment can become a heavy mixture in the bottom of the well and can restrict and in some cases stop the oil from flowing from the well. The soaps are injected into the well to soften the sand and sediment and when mixed with air or nitrogen can aerate the mixture and bring it to the surface.

On reaching the surface the mixture is removed and spread over the surrounding land. This mixture is rich in minerals such as titanium.

This process reinvigorates the well bed and allows the oil to flow freely again.

Reavell compressors are usually used for this application and the model may vary depending on the flow and pressure requirements of the oil fields. The compressors are usually mounted and installed as part of a packaged set on to the back of a flat bed truck to allow the unit to be easily transported around oil fields in different locations.

GD High Pressure Compressors oil and gas solutions summary


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