GD Compressors for Power Generation

Power Industry

Gardner Denver High Pressure compressors have been the compressor of choice for the power industry globally for many years. Servicing the needs of many power stations and distribution networks through a wide range of complex applications.

Our advanced range of reciprocating compressors can operate in water, carbon or nuclear fuelled power plants, delivering high pressure air on demand at point of use. The Gardner Denver range of compressors can provide a continous supply of high pressure air or be controlled to provide air intermittently as and when required, with a wide range of pressures and flows.

Gardner Denver compressors will support you either through our standard range of compressors or by delivering a custom engineered solution to meet your exacting standards.

High Pressure Applications for the Power Industry

Power Generation

  • Diesel -
    • Starting air
    • NO2 treatment
  • Gas turbine -
    • Starting air
    • Purging air
    • Nitrogen - Sealing gas
    • Feeding in gas
  • Steam Power -
    • Desulphurisation
    • Removing fuel residues (soot blowing)
    • NOX treatment
    • Hydrogen - Cooling the turbines
  • Hydro Electric -
    • Braking air for pneumatic brakes
    • Adjusting turbine blades and large valves (e.g. governor)
    • Turbine dewatering
    • Blowing air (blowing out the water to eliminate the load during starting)
    • Preventing pulsation and cavitations
  • Nuclear -
    • Starting air for emergency power for the diesel engines
    • Nitrogen - nuclear reactor cooling
    • Hydrogen - Cooling turbines
    • Hydrogen - Cooling the reactor core
    • Hydrogen - Corrosion control and alternator cooling
  • Emergency power - Buildings which need emergency power during power cuts e.g. hospitals

Power Distribution

  • Electrical sub station -
    • Extinguish any arc on switchgear
    • Operate the power cylinder controlling the mechanical function of the circuit
    • Insulate the open switch to prevent further arcing
    • Local operators of electrical sub stations
    • Engineering offices
  • Air and gas distribution -
    • Starting air -
    • Desulphurisation
    • Feeding biogas into the national and international network
    • Recovering gas lost as a result of leakage
    • Feeding natural gas and air into the relevant networks


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