Gardner Denver Water Cooled Compressor Block

Efficient Compressor Cooling in a Compact Footprint

Water cooled compressors use water as a method of removing heat from the compressor. The excess heat is transferred to the cooling water which can be held within a closed or open loop cooling system.

The closed loop system circulates the same water continually round the system, whereas open loop cooling uses new water and is ideal for installations where there is a good source of water available, such as on board ships or other marine applications. Compressors can be located below decks, in engine rooms where cooling air supply is difficult to supply.

Water jackets fitted around the cylinders generate low noise levels but also allow the compressor to work harder at each stage.

Water cooled compressors offer a variety of benefits including a compact compressor footprint in comparison to air cooled models providing the same flow. The potential to link a compressor to an external water supply makes this choice suitable in high temperature environments.

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